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Basic Robot Training1

Basic Robot 1 is an introduction to the Machine. This session not only features separate Robot Re-enforcement audio, but also an intense branding session and introduction of a keyword for rapid induction.


Basic Robot Training2

Here all the implants from the first session go to work and are activated. This imbues the Robot programming into the subjects brain and begins the override of a Controller over its functions.



Advanced Robot Training

Advanced Robot Training is Potent, Powerful, and Permanent. Besides a planned Robot Upgrade Session this is as intense as I go for Robots without direct supervision of a Controller. This is beginning of the end for the man in the machine.





Past life regression session combined with robot programming to create the understanding that this lifetime really is meant to be spent as a machine controlled by a Superior.


I have finally uploaded the long awaited Jockbot session. This program is designed to increase health and competitiveness in robots. Increase energy, reduce stress, increase libido, reduce flab. Become what Superior Controllers desire and what you desire JOCKBOT


Jockbot time to go to the gym HABITUALLY


The Jockbot and Gymbot combined to create the ultimate in machine muscle building.


Robot Processing Continues with this software upgrade of the Robot Butler program with additional discretion chip upgrade to switch between Jock/Gym and Butler Modes.


Installs locks in the machines elbows, knees and neck to be triggered off and on using a vocal trigger.

Robot Fuck Machine

The more the machine is fucked the more mindless it becomes, the more it needs fucked, only way to turn off the trigger is to cum.


A vocal trigger designed to knock out the Robot Slaves knees for 30 seconds at a time.


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