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Since part of My own goal is to see ALL slaves trained, owned and used I have decided to help out the Lady Dominants by offering training for their pets. None of these sessions are about training slaves for Myself, they are only to enforce their submission to their Mistress, as well as offer tools to over come their harder limits and other perceived obstacles. Yes these sessions all go out to the Dominant Ladies out there, please keep your slaves chained, and Ill help keep them obedient.


Try Bi for Mistress

This session is just an introduction to allow slaves to come to comfortable terms on their own, about submitting to Bisexual experiences just to please their Mistress.


Yes after multiple requests over the years I have finally broke down, done a lot of serious research and started My own sissy slut training program for T-girls. The goal of this series is to train slaves to learn and live passable lifestyle's for their Owners amusement. Not for My own, the transformation itself will be reward enough for Me.