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Senator of Mind Control

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Masters, did you enjoy the training I provided your pig? Pigs, have were you taken into the realm of total pigdom by My voice and hypnosis that changed you forever? Share your story with others. My only rule is that you include your email address so others who read it can ask you more questions.


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Satisfied Dom

Dear Senator,

My boy stumbled across your site a couple of months ago while on one of his robot groups or sites. With my persmission, he ordered the robot files. Then he asked to order the pup files, followed by the pig files. They all affect him at different levels, but the ones that truly speak to him are the pup files. I believe that is what he truly is.

That being said, I currently have him restrained with the Advanced 1 & 2, Humiliation/Possession, and Graduation pig files playing over and over again through his headphones. I am doing this because your tapes have instilled in him an even greater submissiveness. Most of the time, however, the pup files are what play over and over. He uses them on the train to and from work every day. I know he looks forward to the next pup files, but I am reaping the benefits of the other files as well. When the pup files are available, he will have permission to order them as well.

Thank you for your continuing work to improve the lot of submissives and their Masters.


Money and Diaper Pig


i can't believe how right it feels giving my money to You. i've never been harder in my life than when i am on my knees filling on that form, thinking about tithing You. Nothing feels as right and as erotic as that. It fills me with pig lust, the thought of giving You my money. i can't believe how much it turns me on and then after, totally humiliates and embarrasses me. This confuses me. i swear i'll never do it again. But then i find i need to give to You, it fulfills me, which is weird -- a man i've never met.

i bought a 10-pack of adult diapers today after listening to Basic Pig 2 & 3. And then in line, i "felt" two loud, wise-cracking belligerent girls coming up behind me. Oh no, i thought. Sure enough, there they are. i'm "hiding" the diapers in my hand cart, putting them on the conveyor belt "under" other things, feeling so embarrassed. The clerk scans them, and i'm thinking, put them in the bag!! She just leaves them sitting there on the belt as she rings up other items, does some things at the register, takes my money, makes change, gets the receipt, etc. It felt like forever, and i felt like everyone was looking at them. It was very humiliating.

i got back from a trip last night and really had to pee. So... i opened the package. i thought it would be like "tabs" overlapping, like a diaper. No, they're pull-ups. Huge pads front and back, labeled. So i take one and put it on. i actually found that very exciting, because i knew i was doing it because of Your influence. i looked at myself in a diaper in the bathroom mirror. Then i "let go."

i felt warm pee coming out, which was erotic. On and on. Went under me, by my butt crack, soaking into the pads, i hoped. And not coming out the sides, i hoped. i could feel my ass cheeks getting moist, very embarrassing. i felt all wet down there. Nothing came out the sides, luckily.

i walked around a bit, feeling very controlled by Your influence! i couldn't make myself keep wearing them after that (although a pig part of me wanted to). Maybe next time. What would happen if you wore them through the day for awhile? Would they leak? Would people smell them? i wasn't sure. But part of me wants to keep wearing them after i pee to further humiliate myself.

i took them off. Very heavy. Put them in a plastic bag and took them to the dumpster.

i just wanted to tell You about this experience and thank You for implanting it and for the changes You're bringing into my life, Senator -- apparently whether i want it to continue or not, at this point. A pig in diapers getting poorer as You get richer.

"Pick it up, pig!"

pig, that owes You

Compliant - from Bootdog

As You may remember, Master, this pig was one of the first to order CD1 and was honored to be the first to post its reactions on the now-defunct Yahoo groups. At that time, pig was thrilled with the first hypno session, but having a little difficulty adapting to the music files. Pig is now on CD3, Sir, and has grown to appreciate the music more and more--it now not only recognizes the musicianship involved, but also just finds them intoxicating to listen to. The pig is surprised to find that it is actually addicted to a couple of the tracks.

You may also have seen the pig's post on the CD2group, just before it was locked up. The pig discussed a set of fears that were inhibiting the pig from really letting go, but still found itself wanting to be committed to the training, and still looking forward to receiving CD3. As Master remembers, there was a bit of a hitch with the pig receiving CD3--but that turned out to be somewhat fortuitous in the long run. The night before CD3 finally arrived, pig was looking again at the CD2 Yahoo group--You had asked a question: "Is it starting to sink in; are you giving up, pigs?" That question kept running through this pig's inferior mind, as it began listening to the one of the music tracks. All of a sudden, pig realized ithad been resisting Master's suggestions at a very deep level--as though pig thought it could get off on the fantasy, without truly giving in to Master's control. Pig wondered what was the point of that--did it want to feel what it was like to be mindfucked or not? If not, it should just listen, fantasize, and resist; but if so, it should just give in and go with it. The pig decided it wanted to really feel it. It found itself listening to the music, getting extremely aroused, and shouting, "Yes, yes, yes!!".

The very next day, CD3 arrived. The pig practically ran inside from the mailbox. At one point in the session, You say, "Now just relax, pig, while I program that deeper into your mind." There is nothing but music for a time, and pig shortly found itself floating in another world. The experience was surreal and euphoric. After a period of time, You say, "That's enough, pig." But Master, pig didn't WANT it to be "enough"!! The best part was that You KNEW that would be the reaction--pig could instinctively tell it from the inflection in Your voice. At that point, pig knew it had done the right thing--it would never have had that experience had it not given in, the night before. But it wasn't over yet. When told to open its eyes, pig did, but found it was still in somewhat of a euphoric state. Then new music, that pig had not heard before, started immediately. This music was somehow different than the others--pig liked it right away. It started taking the pig back into that other world, even though the pig's eyes were now open. It was like every note was doing something inside pig's brain--either snuffing out old thoughts or planting new ones. Could not tell what, but pig knew there was definitely something going on! Pig was so aroused, it could not help but touch itself. The music reaches a kind of crescendo twice in the piece--the first time, pig was literally writhing in Ecstasy, and the second time--well, pig could not stop itself!! It was truly amazing, Master.

Pig wanted so badly to share the experience with his pig brothers, that it got on messenger immediately. Pig was still very fuzzy (and remained so for quite some time), but managed to tell one of its pig brothers that it had just heard CD3 and felt like it had been having sex in another universe for about 12 hours!! Sent an offline saying essentially the same thing to another of its pig buddies. Pig has listened to CD3 several times since (although with the family emergency, not as much as it would've liked). While the after-effects don't seem to last as long now (which is fine), the experience has not diminished at all. The only thing it can liken it to would be a person who'd spent their whole life without having an orgasm, finally having one. How does one describe it, and what does one say to the Person who caused it?

Pig did just make its first contribution to Master, and even doing that was a total turn-on. This pig, who started out intrigued but yet still resistant, knows full well that that signifies that it has finally surrendered itself and its ego to a pig's life and to Master's Control. It finds itself very aroused by that fact, and yet very content in it. The pig must admit that it is not yet fully experiencing the overt effects of the post-hypnotic suggestions in CD2 and 3, but it attributes that to the recent distractions in the pig's life. The pig went back today to re-listen to CDs 1 and 2--with its newfound compliant attitude--and will continue to do its work until it gets it right. Hopefully pig will be ready for more advanced training in the very near future.

Thank You, Master Senator.

--Your slavepig bootdog

P.S. Master, feel free to use all or part of this on Your site. You may want to delete the next-to-the-last paragraph--about the contributions--and this post script, so as not to scare off any pigs that have the same reservations that this pig had!!