Senator of Mind Control

Senator of Mind Control


I like having pigs, pups, bots, subs and slaves who are well rounded and capable of independent thought. Blind obedience and reverence are important, but they are not enough on their own.

To aid in your further education and development, below are recommendations on a variety of subjects to help you become more rounded and better able to serve Me by learning My thoughts, perspectives, and preferences. Where applicable, I have included links so that you may tithe Me specific items if you are inspired and financially able to show your appreciation and support for My creative work that I share with you and others.

It takes a strong man to control another man. It takes an extraordinary man to control a strong, intelligent man who submits willingly and with clear intention.

Senator of Mind Control

Books and Articles (2 posts)

The written word is a time-proven means to awaken and inspire deep thought. These books and articles are important, favorite, and sometimes disturbing pieces which serve to challenge the oppressive brainwashing that society attempts to impose on independent thinkers.

Videos (1 post)

Videos can be a source of inspiring, thought-provoking, entertaining, and sometimes disconcerting multimedia experiences.

Music (no posts)

Music, like mathematics, is often considered a universal language. Whether deeply moving, upsetting, or simply entertaining, these tracks are worth your attention and a listen.

Music Videos (no posts)

Music videos bring the visual dimension to the experience. These clips are unique and provide an enhanced richness to the music itself.

Podcasts (no posts)

Podcasts are becoming the modern alternative to mainstream media controlled by megacorporations and others who hope to control the masses. These podcasts can be quirky, niche, and clearly out of the ordinary.

Websites (no posts)

The internet has provided a platform for distributing information in unprecedented ways. The near monopoly of search engines and (anti)social media has served to funnel thought into ever-narrowing channels. This curated list of noteworthy websites is My contribution to help you think outside of the box and resist the centralized programming of the masses by the few.

Cigars (1 post)

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes it's an extraordinary symbol of dominance and power. Discover award-winning makers and My personal favorites.

Alcohol (no posts)

I enjoy an occasional drink from time to time. Discover My favorites here.

Cannabis (no posts)

Cannabis and paraphernalia come in a dizzying array of varieties and options. Explore some of My favorites, along with some articles about the medical benefits of cannabis.

Fetish gear (2 posts)

Many fans have asked Me for a list of fetish gear that they can gift as a form of tithing. These are some items currently on My wishlist or unique and noteworthy.

Dungeon Furniture (no posts)

No dungeon is complete without a few key pieces of furniture. These are some of My favorites along with some creative and innovative pieces.

Technology (no posts)

Technology, when used in a thoughtful manner, can be utilized to level the playing field among the independent innovator and much larger competitors. This is a place to share information about interesting products, services, and other innovations.