Senator of Mind Control

Senator of Mind Control


Tithing is a great way to show your appreciation for Me and My work. I am grateful for all of the pigs, pups, bots, subs and slaves who tithe, particularly those who do so regularly. These gifts make it possible for Me to continue My work and produce new and exciting content. your devotion is noted and appreciated.

My preferred method of worship is Google Pay.

Google Pay

This is easiest for Me to cash out or just use to pay bills and shop online.

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I rarely use this for anything but long-term savings. So this is great for subs into My long-term well being and for those wishing the anonymity of BitCoin.

Other crypto coins will be lost so make sure its BitCoin only.

My Bitcoin Wallet (FOR BITCOIN ONLY): 1Ax5ccePoQ8Wsy2rG5iAxvP5VntKJgC3Nr